Everyone has their own journey and decisions to make. We want to connect you and a peer your age with someone who is 10-15 years older so that you can meet and share what is going on in your lives, learn from eachother's mistakes, and build mutually healthy relationships to help you through the the tough times. All of our mentors have in house training.


Connect Groups

People are made to live in a community, and to grow in close relationship with one another. We are continuously forming interest centered groups of 6-12 people, to allow atmospheres of fun and constructive conversation. Typically a connect group night will consist of an activity, be it a shared meal, book reading, or a movie, and a time for dialogue where the members can express their views on a given subject and hear from others. We want to have a ‘round table’ set-up, where each member contributes to their group and feels that their contributions matter.