The Well

“The idea of a well brings feelings of refreshment, and based on the Bible story of the "Woman at the Well", The Well represents a place where all people can have raw and meaningful conversations with Jesus. It is a great example of what we plan to do, and a guiding model of how we want to do it: we meet people where they are at, and welcome them into conversations about God and life.  It's a community that reflects Jesus’ example of initiating connections with people regardless of expectations; it’s all about discovering Jesus the Savior. ”

Our Values

We Commune

We embrace fun and the growth that it brings. We want to be informal, honest, and free; to eat together, visit each other’s homes, and make good memories together. (3)

We Linger

We encourage open experiences with the Holy Spirit. We believe in intimacy with Jesus and restoration from our Father when we worship together

We Build

We welcome students into leadership.  Each person disciples the generation below them, connecting with Jesus together (5)

We Serve

We accept the responsibility to love our neighbors: partnering with others to build into Blind River together


We Innovate

Our ideas and passions can bring life to the world around us. We listen curiously and ask questions so we can create and recreate together.


We Refine 

We share the truths of Jesus in modern mediums. We cultivate our media, music, events, and brand to be excellent. We put extra time, attention, and research into creating high quality initiatives together.